We offers special Parcel services to Europe, Australia & America for very minimal rate. ..... Australia Rs900 Per Kg ..... UK Rs800 per Kg ..... France Rs850 Per Kg ..... Canada Rs1000 Per Kg ..... Dubai Rs800 Per Kg ..... Contact us for more details: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 ..... We deliver your documents in DOHA in 2 days only for Rs. 2100/-. ..... We offer NEXT DAY delivery services to DUBAI. ..... We pick up your shipment anywhere in Sri Lanka.Contact us on our Hot Line: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 .....

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USD Exchange Rate USD = 130.10 LKR
Fuel Charges                           22.5%

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Laksiri Worldwide Express is a subsidiary company of Laksiri International Freight


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LAKSIRI Worldwide Express Our courier are ready to delivery your inbound


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We believe in, Offering comprehensive compensation and benefit packages.

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Now you can approach our branches/agents in any part of the world to send your Air Cargo.


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