We offers special Parcel services to Europe, Australia & America for very minimal rate. ..... Australia Rs900 Per Kg ..... UK Rs800 per Kg ..... France Rs850 Per Kg ..... Canada Rs1000 Per Kg ..... Dubai Rs800 Per Kg ..... Contact us for more details: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 ..... We deliver your documents in DOHA in 2 days only for Rs. 2100/-. ..... We offer NEXT DAY delivery services to DUBAI. ..... We pick up your shipment anywhere in Sri Lanka.Contact us on our Hot Line: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 .....



Air cargo

Now you Can Approach our branches/agents in any part of the world send your Air Cargo shipment to Sri Lanka. We offer additional value added service.


We Offer:

1. Very Affordable rate
2. Quick And convenient clearance at our paliyagoda WH
3. Separate Counter for Air CArgo clearance
4. New Warehouse for Eastern Region (Nindavour)


Air Cargo Regular Services


Clearance Charges in Sri Lanka

All charges are in Sri Lankan Rupees.

Per Kg Charges                                                                                  RS

Service Charges                                                                                 17.00

Other Charges

Handling Charges per package                                                      250.00

Documentation and Transfer Charges per consignment          500.00

Airline Charges per consignment (Actual)                                    600.00


Airline Charges weight base Rs. 7.50 (Actual) - Minimum Rs. 550/-
Plus VAT & NBT charges will be added for the total value.


Demurrage Charges:

Laksiri Seva will keep the consignment at it’s UPB warehouse for 3 working days for FREE OF CHARGE, and from 4th day onwards, there will be a demurrage charges applied based on the weight.

Note: Customers are requested to come and collect the shipment within 3 working days period to avoid any demurrage charges.


After 3 days:
1st week Rs. 7/- per kg plus NBT & VAT
2nd week Rs. 8/- per kg plus NBT & VAT


Air Cargo Door To Door Services


Contact our Door to Door office:
Tel : 011-4722800
Rizwan: 0773292686