We offers special Parcel services to Europe, Australia & America for very minimal rate. ..... Australia Rs900 Per Kg ..... UK Rs800 per Kg ..... France Rs850 Per Kg ..... Canada Rs1000 Per Kg ..... Dubai Rs800 Per Kg ..... Contact us for more details: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 ..... We deliver your documents in DOHA in 2 days only for Rs. 2100/-. ..... We offer NEXT DAY delivery services to DUBAI. ..... We pick up your shipment anywhere in Sri Lanka.Contact us on our Hot Line: 011-472 2800 or 077-3209276 .....



Courier requirements in Sri Lankan market are very high and we have identified the peoples need on door to door services. With the deep understanding of market demand, Laksiri Worldwide Express has launched the Courier services to offer its customer.


We Offer:

Special rates for personal goods parcels (Non-commercial shipments)

                                & AMERICA


  • We offer next day delivery to Dubai.
  • We offer best rates to other Gulf Countries
  • Try with us for Africa……… Rates are very special


To know more about, please call us on our Hotline: 011-472 2800

Why Chose Laksiri Worldwide Express:


We are prompt on deliveries. We challenge our service with the market to be outstanding and remarkable.